Respect For All Week

 Respect For All Week is February 11th to 15th, and there will be classroom lessons around various themes throughout the week.  This is an initiative from the Department of Education, and a great opportunity for students to learn the many facets of "respect".  I have included each of the lessons here and encourage you to look at the material and talk to your child about the topics discussed in class.  Our goal is to help teach children to respect everyone.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the school.  You can reach out to the Parent Coordinator, Lori Peragine or Assistant Principal, Paul Giordano.

 RFA Day 1 Bullying

 RFA Day 2 Being An Ally

 RFA Day 3 Acceptance

 RFA Day 4 Acts of Kindness

 RFA Day 5 No one eats alone

 RFA Parent Letter