Attendance Matters!

 Missing a day of school here and there or arriving 10 minutes late may seem inconsequential and at times even insignificant, but consider this: a student who is 10 minutes late every day will miss over 30 hours of instruction during the year — a week of school. A student who is absent just twice a month will miss 20 school days — 4 weeks of school! Each lateness or absence means a student has lost an opportunity to learn. Just as we can never regain a moment of time wasted, missing a day of school means missing a day of education that cannot be retrieved. Students may be able to make up an assignment, but they can never recover what is most important — the discussion, the questions, the explanations by the teacher and the thinking that makes learning come alive.

According to Chancellor’s Regulation A-210, school-age children in New York City are required to attend school on a full-time basis. Therefore, please be aware of  the following:·        Students are expected to be on time and in school every day.·        In cases of illness or family emergencies, please contact the school at  718-697-5200 ex. 1055

·        Parents are expected to submit a note or letter explaining their child’s absence from school. A note from a doctor or health-care professional should be provided in cases of extended or frequent absence due to illness.

 Ø     Vacations, trips, or other activities are considered unexcused and must be scheduled when school is not in session.

Vacations when school is in session are coded as an ILLEGAL ABSENCE and

will be REPORTED to the CHANCELLOR’S OFFICE.·        Every effort must be made to schedule medical appointments after school hours so instructional time is not lost.·        Middle schools use attendance as one of their determining factors during the application process. Given equal ability and achievement, middle schools will accept the child with better attendance.·        Attendance is one of the determining factors when considering a student’s promotion to the next grade. 

 Student success in school is directly related to the importance that parents attach to education. Regular attendance not only emphasizes the importance of school, but also promotes responsibility and self-discipline. Elementary students cannot develop these essential life skills without their family’s support.


The P.S. 55 staff thanks you for all the effort you put into ensuring that your child is able to achieve all things possible!