Parent Bill of Rights

Parents’ Rights and Responsibilities
 The New York City Department of Education recognizes that children excel when parents work closely with teachers and principals to develop strong partnerships. As partners in education, parents, guardians, and other family members have certain rights and responsibilities.

 All Families Have the Following Rights:
  • The right to a free public school education for their children.
  • The right to be given access to information about their children’s performance and the educational programs and opportunities available to them and their children.
  • The right to be actively involved in the education of their children.
  • The right to file complaints and appeals.
  • The right to translation and interpretation services in order to communicate effectively with the Department, in accordance with Chancellor's Regulation A663

 All Parents Have the Following Responsibilities:

  • The responsibility to send their children to school ready to learn.
  • The responsibility to ensure that their children attend school regularly and arrive on time.
  • The responsibility to be aware of their children’s work, progress, and problems.
  • The responsibility to keep in touch with their children’s teachers and principal.
  • The responsibility to respond to communications from their children’s school.
  • The responsibility to attend important meetings and conferences.
  • The responsibility to treat all school staff members with courtesy and respect.
 We Encourage Parents To:
  • Set high expectations for their children.
  • Help out at schools by volunteering time, skills, or resources.
  • Get involved in Parent Associations or Parent-Teacher Associations.
  • Take part in school and community programs.